Top 5 Signs of Tire Wear

Top 5 Signs of Tire Wear

Top 5 Signs of Tire Wear - Gossett Kia South - Memphis, TN

Your tires work hard to keep you moving, and normal wear and tear is to be expected. Keeping tabs on your tires and their overall health will not only keep them working at their best, but ensure your safety on the road. Here are five common signs of tire wear to watch out for.

Low inflation

Your vehicle comes with a recommended amount of pressure for its tires, and falling below that amount can cause problems. Be sure you’re monitoring the air in all of your tires regularly, and checking for signs of flatness whenever possible.

Uneven wear on treads

Your tires will naturally wear down over time, but disproportional wear on the edges or just one side of a tire is a sign that something else may be wrong. Uneven wear is often caused by misalignment or incorrect inflation. If you spot this kind of wear, it’s best to being your vehicle in for a checkup.

Tire cracks

If you spot cracks forming in your tires, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in for maintenance. Cracking is an obvious issue, and can lead to your tires blowing out.

Pulling to the side

While this may also be a brake or alignment issue, pulling to the side is often symptomatic of a tire being worn or underinflated. If you notice this issue, pull over and inspect your tires. If inflating them doesn’t help, it’s time for a maintenance visit.

Unusual vibrations

This is another obvious signal that something isn’t working right. If you notice unusual vibrations or thumping, it may be a sign that your tires are negatively affecting your alignment or suspension. Since this can lead to major mechanical problems, a call to you mechanic is your safest bet.

For more information on tire maintenance and to schedule a checkup, visit us at Gosset Kia South in Memphis, Tennessee, today.

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