Kia Makes Face Shields for Frontline Workers

Kia Makes Face Shields for Frontline Workers

face shields for frontline workers - Gossett Kia South - Memphis, TN

Earlier this month, Kia achieved a new milestone for producing face shields for frontline workers fighting COVID-19. Since March, the automaker has manufactured 500,000 masks and are on track to produce another 50,000, as The Hill’s Madeleine Simon reports.

Hospitals in Georgia and Alabama were the primary recipients of the personal protective equipment. However, the automaker also sent some of the masks to locations that had been hit hard with the pandemic, including Southern California, Chicago, and the Northeast states.

Michael Ware, the assistant manager of production at Kia Motors Manufacturing in Georgia, voices pride at just how many volunteers at the plant are invested in the project. “I get a lot of people that stop me on a daily basis and throughout our plant who want to know how many more we’re making, how they can get involved.”

With many hospitals in Georgia and Alabama, as well as nationwide, reporting fewer shortages of masks, Kia plans to phase out the face shield project. Per Simon, the company will cap production at 550,000 face shields, then pause to reassess if there’s still a need for this project to continue.

Regardless of whether Kia decides to end the face shield initiative, it’s clear that the project has made a significant difference in the lives of American frontline workers. Celebrate Kia’s dedication to keeping U.S. first responders safe during the pandemic when you test-drive one of the safe Kia models we have in stock here at Gossett Kia South in Memphis.

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