Kia Donates $1 Million to Charity

Kia Donates $1 Million to Charity

Kia Donates $1 Million to Charity - Gossett Kia South - Memphis, TN

Kia cares about giving back to the community. That’s why the automaker has recently donated $1 million to charity as part of the brand’s “Give It Everything” campaign.

The money went to a pair of charities, Covenant House and StandUp for Kids, which work to reduce homelessness. Kia will also make a donation to Positive Tomorrows.

Russell Wager, the director of marketing operations for Kia Motors America, is proud to work with these humanitarian organizations. “Covenant House, StandUp for Kids and Positive Tomorrows provide empowering and life-saving services and Kia is proud to present these important organizations with the funds generated by our Yards Against Homelessness initiative,” he said.

Yards Against Homelessness, part of the “Give It Everything” initiative, is an effort to combat youth homelessness in America. The brand pledged to donate $1,000 to charity for each yard gained during the Big Game. While that number only came to 748 yards, Kia rounded up the number and donated $1 million. The campaign honors Josh Jacobs, a pro football player who experienced bouts of homelessness throughout his childhood.

Although Wager recognizes that $1 million isn’t enough to end childhood homelessness, he feels that every bit of effort is progress. “With the homeless youth population in the U.S. estimated at a staggering 4.2 million, it is vital that we do all we can to help end this crisis once and for all,” Wager stated.

Gossett Kia South is proud to be part of the Memphis community. To learn more about our community involvement, visit the About Us page on our website.

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