New Kia SUV Concepts Debut at 2019 Seoul Motor Show

New Kia SUV Concepts Debut at 2019 Seoul Motor Show

Kia SUV Concepts | Memphis, TN

At the 2019 Seoul Motor Show earlier this spring, Kia unveiled two new SUV concepts. The new Kia SUV concepts include the Kia Masterpiece and the Signature Concept. These two SUVs debuted alongside the new Imagine by Kia, an all-electric sports sedan.

It is important to note that these are concept vehicles. They are not actual vehicles that will arrive at Gossett Kia South anytime soon, but they do hint at the future design direction for Kia and the types of technologies we can expect from the brand.

The Kia Masterpiece, which made its international debut in Seoul, is a massive SUV and gives us a glimpse of what Kia’s entry into the off-road segment might look like. The Kia Signature concept, however, does the opposite, showcasing the direction of Kia’s compact SUVs. This also marked the international debut for the Signature concept.

Though Kia had already unveiled the Imagine by Kia all-electric sports sedan, this marked its debut in Asia. The car had previously been shown off in Geneva at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. This concept shows us the path forward for Kia as it more seriously enters the electrified market.

We’re excited to see how these unique concepts translate into real Kia vehicles over the next few years. When they do, you’ll find them right here at Gossett Kia South.

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