How to Spring Clean Your Garage

How to Spring Clean Your Garage

Spring Clean Your Garage - Gossett Kia South - Memphis, TN

Do you all too often use your garage as a storage unit for unwanted clutter? If so, it may be time to spring clean your garage. These four steps will help your garage go from cramped and dirty to neat and clean in no time.


Start your garage spring cleaning by removing everything from the garage. It may feel like a daunting task, but in the process, you might be able to find the items you don’t use or need any more. This step is about downsizing the items in your garage, as well as moving things out of the way for a good cleaning. Sell or donate any items you no longer need.

Sweep and Rinse

With an empty space to work in, you can give the entire garage a good sweeping, dusting, and wipe down. When you’ve removed debris, use a garden hose to rinse the floor of the garage, then squeegee out the excess water.

Windows and Door Frames

The condition of a garage’s door frames makes a big impression. Be sure to wash these off well in your spring cleaning process, as well as the garage windows inside and out.


As you place your items back in the garage, take the time to consider your organization system. It might be worth it to invest in storage racks, cabinetry, or other tools you can use to keep your belongings stored away neatly.

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