Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Kia

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Kia

The return of spring has us turning our attention to spring cleaning, thinking about all the ways we can get our homes in order and tidied up. Spring is also a great time to focus on maintaining your Kia, and these three spring maintenance tips will help ensure that your Kia is up for the test of another new season.

Car wash

After a harsh winter, your Kia could use a car wash to get rid of all the salt, dirt, and other debris that accumulated through winter. If you want to wash your Kia yourself, you can add baking soda to the soapy water to help remove salt residue. Whether you wash yourself or take your Kia to an automatic car wash, make sure to pay attention to the undercarriage.

Wiper blades

Snow, ice, and cold weather can do a number on your Kia’s wiper blades. Since new wiper blades are inexpensive, replacing them is an investment well worth making. Having new wiper blades put on every six months ensures that you always have optimal visibility, which is particularly helpful when April showers come pouring forth.


Cold weather means a battery requires more juice to start the car. As the season progresses, the battery can get weaker and weaker. Once winter arrives, the battery may be on its last legs. Replacing the battery can prevent you from being stranded in warm spring weather. If you haven’t had a new battery put in for about five years or more, now may be the time to get a replacement.

Need more tips for spring maintenance? Stop into Gossett Kia South and we’ll make sure you’re all set for the season ahead.

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