Caring for Your Car’s Paint

Caring for Your Car’s Paint

2014 Kia Soul
Keep your new Soul looking fresh!

Whether your car is brand new or old news, protecting your car’s paint is integral to keeping it looking well-taken care of and new for as long as possible. Your car’s paint takes the brunt of the elements – from the salt associated with winter to the harmful UV rays of summer – so don’t skimp when it comes to caring for your car’s paint.

UV protection. Luckily, the paint on your new car is designed to take on the sun’s harsh UV rays. Modern cars are finished with a coating designed to resist the effects of UV rays, including dulling and cracking the paint – and they work. You don’t need to lose sleep at night over this one, unless you regularly park your car directly in the hot sunshine all day, every day. When you can, do yourself (and your car) a favor and park in the protection of shade – whether that’s a tree or a parking garage.

Wax. Find a wax you really like and make sure to take the time to wax your car twice a year (before and after the winter months, at a minimum). Wax acts as a protectant, creating a barrier between the elements and your car’s paint. It also helps to bring out the full richness and color of your car’s paint, revitalizing it to like-new quality.

Wash. Regular car washes are a must for anyone hoping to preserve their vehicle’s paint. The longer dirt, debris, salt, and bugs sit on your car, the more likely it is to begin eroding the paint. Make sure you use fresh water, clean rags, and mild soap to keep your car clean.

Avoid. Do your best to avoid situations that may lead to an unnecessary dent or scratch (duh, right?).  But seriously, you should park away from other cars in parking lots, don’t let your kids ride their tricycles around the car, and so forth.

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Here at Gossett Kia, we hope this helpful guide offers peace-of-mind and a few helpful tips. Basic car care and common sense will help keep your car looking like new for years to come!

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